My Service to America

By: Alison Bell


Enlist. Commit. Travel.
Basic Training Academy.
Physical Training.
Mental Training.
Battles: victories and losses.
Temporary returns.
Battles: victories and losses.
Changed life.

My service to America is not with guns but with words.
My service to America is not overseas but here on the front lines.
My service to America is not forcing change but inspiring change.

I serve my country for 50+ hours a week by spending time with its future, 
sharpening its academic and social skills, its IQ and EQ, 
and empowering it be all it could ever want to be and more.

My name is Alison, and I serve my country at a turn-around elementary school in Colorado.
Though my service is unseen and undervalued at large,
I am a part of a growing movement of young people who aspire to change the world through voluntary national service.

This is my service to America.

(*note: This is written not to devalue the military or any other service in any way but to show another side of service that the country at large is unaware of.)


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