Living the City Year Pledge

By: Jasmine Kyles, Corps Member at Bruce Randolph School

The first day of school surrounded by my teammates at Bruce Randolph School.

The first day of school surrounded by my teammates at Bruce Randolph School.

Each year, as a new group of Corps members take on the task of completing over 1700 hours of service, we prepare our hearts and minds by memorizing the City Year Pledge and reciting it as an entire Corps on Opening Day. The pledge gives a hint of where we are going and how we can serve the schools and communities we’ll see over a 10-month period.

After four weeks of preparation, and with the pledge in the back of my mind, the first day of school finally came! I don’t remember sleeping one bit the night before school started because I was so excited to see what my service year would look like everyday. Here’s how the day went:

First Circle came and went, then my team hit the ground running with Morning Greeting, participating in the opening rally for our middle school students. Then it was off to classes. Immediately we were called to complete a task that we didn’t know was needed until the moment it was asked of us. My teammate Aaron volunteered to be our school mascot, “the Grizzly,” as you can see in the picture above. “Mascotness” was definitely not something we were trained on but we are learning that each week presents a new challenge, and it truly takes work “to be quick to help and slow to judge.”

The weeks are rolling by and we are about a third of the way through our service year. Things are still changing, but we’ve learned that to create the best results, we need to go along without complaining . No one said CY would be easy; they just promised that it would be rewarding, and so far I can say we are making our time count. There isn’t always a clear way for us to be recognized or praised for our daily accomplishments but when we aren’t present the students notice and it makes all the difference.

Every day I wake up, far too early for a body that is still used to waking up for 11am college classes, but I put a smile on because I know there will be at least one smiling face ready to give me a high five and say “Good morning, Ms. Jasmine!” Whether the day is unexpected or challenging, I believe we are building “a stronger community, nation, and world for all of us,” one student at a time.


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