Radiance & Joy

By Alison Bell:

There are certain types of people who naturally carry a type of radiance with them, smiling everywhere they go. You know what I’m talking about, right? We know that whenever we are having a bad day, we can count on these people to share a warm smile and brighten our day.


Since the start of the school year, I have had the privilege of getting to know one of these people. Her name is Harmony*, and she is one of my 9th grade students. Harmony has endured a lot of hardships throughout her 15 years of living, yet, despite these experiences, she still greets me and her peers each day with a smile, a hug, and oftentimes words of encouragement.

Harmony inspires me every time I interact with her and I want to share with you one of her many beautiful poems that she has written this year. Out of all of them, she wanted me to post this one, which just so happened to be a poem that has brightened many of my days. May this also brighten your day and be a reminder to us all to love ourselves amidst our imperfections:

I am imperfect and imperfect is me.
I want to be perfect,
But how can I be perfect
when no one in the world is?
I am imperfect.
I make mistakes.
My imperfection is what
makes me human.
I don’t have to wear makeup
just to be pretty.
I am imperfect and imperfect is me.
What would the world be like if
no one made mistakes?
Even without mistakes no one
can be perfect.
Imperfection is the closest to
perfect that anyone could ever get.
I don’t have to have new stuff or
Wear a new style, because I’m
not you.
I am imperfect and imperfect is me.
People always say
you got to be perfect.
Being the perfect person is impossible.
The perfect person makes mistakes
and screws up.
The perfect person goes through
the good, bad, and tough.
You can’t be perfect,
Neither can I.
Let’s stop trying to be perfect.
Because I am imperfect and imperfect is me.
I’m proud to say it and you
should too.
I am imperfect and imperfect is me.
We are imperfect and imperfect are we.

*Name has been changed to protect student.


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