Professional Development

By: Michael Sanchez

Me (third from the right on the front row) and my team from Trevista at Horace Mann.

Me (third from the right on the front row) and my team from Trevista at Horace Mann.

Here I go again, writing another blog, explaining what motivats me to do what I do every day. But this time I am not here to explain about a certain personal experience. I am here to explain what opportunities and experiences City Year gives us in order to prep for the “real world.”

I have been with City Year for about 6 months and have gained more practical experience than in any of my previous jobs. I understand circumstances are different at every job, but I still feel better suited for the next step in my career path than after my previous job.

I have already created lesson plans, taught six small group interventions a day (five of those in Spanish), helped present major topics to the corps (such as the Race Workshop), assisted in the preparation and execution of MLK service day, and shared my personal story on how I make a difference with the students I tutor/mentor every day. This past week was a combination of doing all of these tasks at once. I thought, through experience, I knew how to manage time and work thoroughly. But instead I barely had time for myself. Finding time and insuring I was able to complete every task with efficiency was not easy.

This was how my past week panned out:

  • Monday: Assisted in the preparation and execution of MLK service day at North High School.
  • Tuesday: I graded my students work, prepared my lesson plans, and prepared myself for the race workshop.
  • Wednesday: Working with the students all day and having small group interventions left me no time to prep for the race workshop or personal story due on Friday.
  • Thursday: Same as the day before but also coached the boys basketball team. Unfortunately, we lost.
  • Friday: Arrived early to prep and present the Race Workshop to the entire corps. After the workshop, I helped present the work my team at Trevista at Horace Mann does on a daily basis. And finally, I presented my personal story about my impact on the students I work with daily.

Therefore, with no spare time during normal business hours, I had to work every night the whole week to prepare for my parts in the Friday’s presentations. I am not saying I haven’t been this busy before in any of my school days or work days, but I have never been part of an organization that allowed me to tutor, mentor, prep for workshops like this past Friday, and also be able to express my personal story of the work I do in schools to the corps.

What other organization allow you to do all that and also fulfill one your lifelong dreams in wanting to coach basketball and football games? Regardless of the result, it’s the opportunity that matters.  I am not trying to compare this job to my past jobs or any other job really. I am simply expressing that this organization gives an opportunity and it’s up to you whether you want to put in the work to fulfill that chance. My work with City Year has involved long hours, but I’m better prepared for a career now than ever.


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