By: Carly Earp

Last month the City Year team at Trevista held an essay contest that was titled “I Am Thankful For…” Initially we thought that few students would participate in the contest because it might be considered “extra work.” To our surprise, several students from grades five through eight participated in the extra-curricular contest. Each essay was unique and they far exceeded our expectations. The students wrote about subjects close to their hearts, making it easy for the readers to relate to their emotions and feelings of gratitude. It was difficult to choose a winner after reading each piece.

Carly (middle) with teammates Kelsey and Samantha serving at Trevista at Horace Mann

Carly (middle) with teammates Kelsey and Samantha serving at Trevista at Horace Mann

One essay that stuck out to me was from one of my 5th grade students. She wrote about her time with City Year, and how she is thankful for the extra support that City Year has provided her this year. She wrote, “I’m thankful for the City Year because they are there for you. They are there when you need help on your work or when you need a friend or when you need someone to talk when you are not having a great day and everyone has those days.” This student’s words highlight the impact City Year can have on a young life. It has been a wonderful experience to see how my student has grown in her education from the start of the school year until now.

While reading her essay, I was reminded of the gratitude that I have for my job. The relationships I have built with the students, my team, and the entire Trevista staff are such an important part of my life. Working at Trevista has been challenging but extremely rewarding. Each day looks different. Some days seem like a success while others are a struggle. The students challenge and push me to be my best, and I learn something new each day. I could not be more thankful for this year and the opportunityCity Year has given me to serve.


2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I am sure that you have impacted their lives as much (if not more) as they have impacted yours! So proud of the work that you are doing…..keep it up Carly!…..your contribution will lead to positive changes in many lives!

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