Filled with Thanks

By: Arielle Ortmann

Once again the holiday season has snuck up on us and Thanksgiving is only two days away.  This year, especially, there is so much to be thankful for.   City Year Thanksgiving was celebrated this past Sunday with not only the corps and staff, but plenty of friends and family.  Tons of food, drinks and desserts covered the counter space in the kitchen.  We had everything from the classics to Rachel Smith’s cranberry BBQ meatballs and Julian Orlando’s delicious mac and cheese.  I whipped up my dad’s famous apple crisp. It was all a hit!  Whether you were in the kitchen eating your second round, watching the Broncos pull out a win over the Chargers, or playing Kinnect with Managing Director Marc Morgan’s two adorable (and hilarious) sons, such a fun time was had by all.

Everyone at City Year Denver was able to show his or her appreciation and thanks  on our ‘Thankful Turkey,” a rather large bird hanging on the wall in the office.  We wrote what we were thankful for on a feather and soon the turkey was bursting with loving thoughts.  From being thankful for our health, students, and family, to our favorite football team, the bird continues to grow and brings such joy to the office.  We had some of our students at North High do something similar and write appreciations for the “Appreciation Tree” in our classroom.  My personal favorite was from a student I work with every day during and after school. He wrote, “I am thankful for my best friends at City Year.”  It’s amazing how those ten little words made our whole team realize how lucky we were to have this opportunity and these children in our lives.

Some of the corps will be traveling back home for the holiday but many of us are staying in the Mile High City, hosting our own Thanksgivings with friends and volunteering at local shelters.  So here’s to hoping everyone has a loving, safe, and happy Thanksgiving break, whether staying in Denver or going far.  May we always realize how much we have to be thankful for!


2 thoughts on “Filled with Thanks

  1. Sooo proud of all the City Year Denver corp members – it’s truly good work, by some truly great people. Travel safe and Thank You for making this a memorable and successful year for the students in the Denver area. Happy Thanksgiving!

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