Exploring the Mile High City

By: Perry Smith, corps member

Perry Smith Weighs in on Fun Things to do in Denver

Here in Denver there are so many fun activities and events to do, on weeknights and weekends, that it is impossible for me to describe them all in one post.  I have highlighted some of my favorites for you to check out for a guaranteed good time!

I recently had the pleasure of going to Jumpstreet with my entire City Year team and had an amazing time.  Jumpstreetis an indoor center consisting of all kinds of trampolines that you can jump on and bounce around with friends, providing a total body workout in an unconventional way!  One really cool activity at Jumpstreet is trampoline dodge ball, similar to the school time sport I used to play as a child, taken to a whole new level!  It is fun to play with all ages and will keep you entertained all day long.  The trampoline arena also offers a mechanical bull to ride and let me tell you, it’s not all as easy as it looks!

Denver has a number of outside amusement parks such as Elitch Gardens, Water World, and Lakeside just miles away from downtown.  You can buy a season pass at any of these sites or go for a day and experience hours of enjoyment!  Lakeside has the oldest rollercoaster in Colorado and is an ideal place to go on a Saturday or Sunday with your fellow corps members!

There are also great parades and carnivals to attend throughout the year, most of which are free.  In March we had this festival known as Frozen Dead Guy Days, which takes place in Nederland, Colorado, 15 miles outside of Boulder.  This fun and frenzied festival was started in 2002 as an annual celebration of the 1994 discovery of a frozen man. The Frozen Dead Guy Days festival has a wide variety of events including arts & crafts, music, food, a costume contest, coffin races and even a slow-motion parade.  I highly recommend going to this event in March!

So if you are ever in need of something fun to do in Denver, I advise you to check out these cool places, you won’t be disappointed!


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