Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

By: Perry Smith, corps member

Alone. Frightened. Scared. Shocked. Startled. Discouraged.  These were just some of the emotions I had felt during my first week of being a corps member at City Year.  I honestly contemplated quitting, but my mom always told me, “Never quit anything,” and I’m so glad that I made the decision to stick with it.

You might be wondering, “Why would he feel all of these emotions?” The truth is, during the first week of training known as Basic Training Academy (BTA), I felt like everyone was smarter and better than me.  Soon, I realized that I was one of the only corps members that had just graduated high school and I was really intimidated.  I felt so out of my element.  In high school, I was one of the smart ones with the good grades and all the answers.  Now I felt so dumb and behind in everything.

But then I met my team for the first time, the nine people I’d be spending the next ten months with, and I was really happy.  By getting to know them, I found out that they are great people with the same kind of humor and positive attitude as me!   Despite our different life experiences and educational backgrounds, I learned that we all share a common purpose:

We all wish to impact the lives of our students and help them succeed in school.

This discovery made me love City Year and the work I am doing even more.  So my advice for you is, don’t judge a book by its cover, because it will always surprise you when you truly discover what’s inside!


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