What to Expect when you’re Expecting…to be a corps member

By: Jack Hutsey, corps member

Here’s what you should expect from the City Year Experience:

 1.      You’ll meet people from everywhere who have done everything.

 In our corps alone, we have Californians, Oregonians, Coloradans, Marylanders, Alabamans, New Mexicans, and South Dakotans (forgive me if I left out any of our home states). And, guess what? They’ve seen it all. Some just graduated high school. Some finished college in three years. Some have done service projects all across the globe from Antigua to Albuquerque. Some like Neil Diamond. Some love Neil Diamond. But, as they say, variety is the spice of life, and this corps keeps things interesting and entertaining.

 2.      Prepare to get silly

 Every morning we greet the students. It’s called “Morning Greeting”. I just made that name up one day. Morning Greeting consists of clapping and cheering for the students outside of the school. We also do some singing and dancing. I never thought I would be standing outside of a high school at 7:30am jumping and dancing around. Then again, I never thought George Lopez would ever have his own talk show, but TBS proved me wrong on that. Morning Greeting sets a positive tone for the students and gives them some consistency knowing that we’ll be there every morning doing the robot or the running man.

 3.      Find a constructive outlet for stress

 Sometimes, this job can get stressful. Finding a way to deal with that stress is important to both mental and physical health. Do something fun or relaxing to take the edge off the day. Read a book. Write in a journal.  Take a long walk. Exercise. Karaoke. Arts and/or crafts. Yoga. Trivia. Doing any of these activities will relieve you of your stress and make things easier.

City Year Denver Founding Corps

 No two corps experiences are the same, but these suggestions will be helpful no matter where you serve.


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