It Just Doesn’t Cut It

By: Cory R. Montreuil, corps member

Cory Montreuil reflecting on his year of service

So you are a prospective City Year member.  You are thinking of investing a year of your life into one of the currently 21 domestic program sites.  You take a look at the vast amount of promotional material, you read the A Day In The Life schedule and you think. . . “Alright, I think I know the gist.”  Trust me, you don’t.  As most things in life go, experience is the best teacher. 

Do you want to know what City Year really is?  I can sum it up in one word . . . an opportunity.  Okay, that was two words, but really it was just an indefinite article setting up a noun and, well . . . you get my point.  City Year is literally whatever you put into it.  In the first three months, my colleagues and I have:

  • Taught after-school classes on everything from Acting to Debate to Geography and Zumba(not at the same time)
  • Written numerous proposals for the many successful events we put on
  • Participated in committee meetings, both with school administration and within City Year
  • Developed and implemented tutoring programs from scratch
  • Helped to establish a Social Media and Marketing team
  • Led countless potential investors on tours of our schools with accompanying round table Q&A sessions
  • Shared our stories with community members (including, but not limited to, business people, members of the non-profit sector and government officials)

Now I know I am forgetting some amazing achievements that my fellow corps members will no doubt point out, but the real “gist” is . . . City Year is a one of a kind opportunity.  I don’t know how many jobs offer every member the resources and professional development that this one does.   My career path is education but since I stopped at City Year along that path, I have already added a few more gadgets to the ‘ole tool belt.  So I apologize for misleading you, because the real question is not what City Year is, it’s what are you gonna make it?


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